Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

It’s a musical AND I found it streaming online so ya know I was all over this one! This is a 1967 French tribute to 1940’s style American musicals. It stars Catherine Deneuve, Gene Kelly, and Francoise Dorleac it’s great! I’m gonna ramble a bit about this one because, like most movies, this one set off all sorts of tangenty trains of thought in my scattered little brain.

The movie involves three love stories. The first one is between the very blonde Catherine Deneuve and an equally blonde sailor/painter. It was the least interesting to me. It involves the search for the perfect physical ideal as a mate. It had some cute little songs attached but, meh. Catherine is lovely though!

The second is between Francoise Dorleac (25) and Gene Kelly (55) where Gene’s singing parts and half his speaking parts are dubbed. Why? Perhaps Gene couldn’t handle the French accent? If so then why not dub it all? Maybe French audiences were used to hearing that other guy dubbing Gene? Who knows! All I gotta say is “Go Gene with your May/December bad self!” and “Who’s your surgeon?”

The last one is between Danielle Darrieux who plays Catherine and Francoise’s mother and a dude she dumped because she didn’t like his last name… no, really. Actually it’s better than that! She gets knocked up first then she walks out on him because she doesn’t like his last name! Then guess what she names the kid? Go on guess… Bou Bou (Boo-Boo). I have no idea what that means in French but it can’t be good because the kid seems to be getting beat up at school every day.

There are also an odd assortment of other subplots and elements like young Boo Boo the drunken 10 year old and the two carnies who don’t have much luck with the ladies but seem to spend an awful lot of time with each other dancing around in matching outfits. There’s also a “sadist” running around the film. We’re not talking about the “spank me I’m naughty” kinda vanilla stuff you’d see in 40’s films all the time. It’s an actual psycho killer! Why was there a psycho killer in a tribute to 1940’s musicals? Who knows! It’s French! And there’s probably a lot of stuff I just don’t get because I’m not clever. I don’t care though. I had a lot of fun watching that one. Here’s a duet from Catherine and Francoise.

And now about me: I wonder what it says about me that I can hardly ever pick my favorite anything. I tend to have multiple favorites in songs, books, movies, foods and almost everything else. Probably just means I’m indecisive. Or maybe it doesn’t. It’s so hard to tell!


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