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More Mercer

Mercer songs have been done by all the greats. I love jazz vocals best of all so I had a good time today hunting up various versions of Mercer songs for my own enjoyment. I could just post the Ella Fitzgerald versions of all the selections because I love Ella and those are my favorites. But when I checked You Tube I only found one really good video of any of the songs. It’s the original version of “I’m Old Fashioned” from the 1942 movie “You Were Never Lovlier” starring Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire. I love Fred too and there’s a nice dance number in this one. For my money it’s not one of best dances but good all the same.

The words in this song actually describe me pretty well. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a giant nerd than an old fashioned girl (woman) though. I guess giant nerd isn’t quite as poetic. Maybe that’s why my torch song writing career never really took off.


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