Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Harry Warren composed over 800 songs including the entire soundtrack to “42nd Street.” His songs have been featured in over 300 films. He’s won numerous awards and had scores of chart topping hits. With all his accomplishments, it’s surprising he isn’t more of a household name. But if you’ve had working ears in the last couple of centuries, I can almost guarantee you know a few Harry Warren songs! Here’s Dean Martin’s version of “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby”

I ain’t havin’ no more but I do love babies. Heck I have even dated one or two full grown babies. Are ya with me ladies? I didn’t so much mind the changing and feeding but that Snugli Boyfriend Carrier was murder on my back! Thank you folks I’m here all week!*

*What?? Oh c’mon they can’t all be winners!


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