Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Just One Of Those Things” is a Cole Porter song was written in 1935 for the musical Jubilee and covered by many artists since. Here’s Nat King Cole’s version.

It’s a swinging break up song so, if yer gonna get dumped, this is definitely the way to hear it!

Ah dating! If you spend long enough as a single person you’re bound to gather some pretty interesting stories. I have a few myself but I tend to share those in a much more private journal. I can say that I’ve been pretty fortunate though. I haven’t had scores of suitors but the ones I have had have mostly been good guys. We usually just didn’t have enough in common to make it to forever. I found the problem is especially pronounced when I’ve dated local guys. I’m a liberal heathen in a conservative Christian town. Even when I’ve found guys who have compatible neuroses, like an unnatural fear of sock monkeys for example, we just didn’t have enough else in common to make a lasting connection. Most of the time things have ended as amicalby as possible. There’s been sadness and regret but certainly never golf clubs!


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