Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Mel Torme

Mel Torme was not only a fine jazz singer. He was also a drummer, actor, and composer. In 1944 he co-wrote “The Christmas Song” with Bob Wells. I’m not sure how much Christmas music we’ll get here in the jazz thread so I figured I’d seize the opportunity today. Here’s The Velvet Fog himself giving a bit of background on the song’s composition and singing “The Christmas Song.”

Here is the story of how my trip to St Louis saved Christmas:

Every year someone in my jeans and t-shirt wearing family must come to the Christmas celebration dressed in velvet. I don’t know why. Maybe Santa can’t come or the angels will cry or something if it doesn’t happen. All I know is that every year someone MUST wear velvet! My daughter has filled this role for all of her almost 6 years on the planet by wearing the gorgeous, over priced, and under used dresses my mother sends every year. Imagine my horror when I opened the Christmas dress box this year and out floated chiffon! There were several moments of panic until I remembered that I went to St Louis last month.

We went to The City Museum before the show. It’s really cool and there are pictures of us forumites exploring the place on the CT Live thread and on Facebook if anyone is interested. I think the one of oddest things we found there was the rather large vintage clothing store attached to the gift shop. There were lots of great items there but the biggest hit with the group was the second hand, crushed velvet panties. I may have made a few off color quips about the garment myself when it was my turn to examine it, but I certainly can’t recall what I said. Innocent

I didn’t buy the panties. I did take a liking to the shirts though. I found one in my size that I thought was really cute. Apparently no other sane human on the planet shared that sentiment. My forum friends looked at me like I was nuts as I proudly took my purchase to the front of the store. When I announced the purchase on Facebook my family immediately chimed in with Partridge Family jokes. But who’s laughing now that my new shirt will save Christmas? Okay, I know it’s still pretty much everyone else but dangit my shirt is cute!


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