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Robin And The Seven Hoods

“Robin And The Seven Hoods.” is a movie set in 1928 Chicago. The visions of racial harmony are a bit inauthentic but it’s great to see Black actors in non-stereotypical roles. I’ve only seen clips but I plan to see the movie as soon as it becomes available on Netflix.

The internet calls “Robin And The Seven Hoods” the Rat Pack’s swan song. The group’s popularity was already waning because of the changes in popular music. The most popular song from the movie is “My Kind Of Town” but I decided not to post that one because the movie clip only has Sinatra. I also really like Sammy’s number “Bang Bang” but, again, it’s only him. I decided to settle on a song called “Style.” Not everyone is singing but everyone is in the scene at least.

Chicago is my kind of town for sure! It’s my homeland. I spent my first 12 years roaming the mean streets of the Windy City.** My mother met and married a man from California so we moved. I also love L.A. but this post is about Chicago so I’ll stick to the subject. I moved back to Illinois after 16 years for a job opportunity. I no longer live in Chicago. I live in the sticks about 2 hours west but man I love to visit the Chi whenever I can.

On a side note, I’m still in awe of my mother. She and her intended conducted a long distance relationship before the era of e-mail, Skype, and free nights and weekends cell phone plans. The crazy thing is it worked! They’ve been together now for nearly 30 years. Take that eHarmony!

** “roaming the mean streets” = playing safely in someone’s back yard.


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