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Danny Thomas and Doris Day

Danny Thomas and Doris Day starred together in a movie called “I’ll See You In My Dreams” about the life of songwriter Gus Kahn and his lovely wife Grace LeBoy who was said to have “worn the pants” in the family. Here they are singing “Making Whoopee.”

Much is written about Danny Thomas being a man of particular tastes in the “making whoopie” department. It isn’t safe for work but feel free to Google up the story if you’re curious. I have opinions about the whole scenario but this is definitely NOT the place to post them! The bottom line is, I doubt many of our “closets of secrets” would look spotless under close scrutiny. Even I, near flawless human specimen that I am, have a couple complete T-Rex skeletons in mine. So Danny Thomas, brilliant performer, selfless humanitarian, and supa-freak, I salute you! Rest in peace sir.


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  1. Now that I’ve moved this to a blog that is almost guaranteed never to get read, I wonder if I will spill all my closet skeletons… Time will tell I suppose!

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