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Blossom Dearie

If you were a kid in the 70’s, chances are Blossom Dearie had a hand in teaching you to multiply by 8 and how to unpack your adjectives. She was one of the many talented voices on ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock series. Of course she was also an accomplished pianist and vocalist long before and long after Schoolhouse Rock with a career spanning more than 5 decades. She retired in 2006 and passed away quietly in her home earlier this year.

Of all the songs Blossom did over the years, I think the most interesting ones are her own compositions. She had a sweet tiny baby voice ideally suited to the love songs she typically sang. But here’s the thing, when you listen to her sing her own words, she really was a bad ass! Here’s a link to the audio of the song I really wanted to post today. It’s called “Dearie’s Blues”.

Dearie\’s Blues by Blossom Dearie

Here is a video of Blossom being a bad ass. She didn’t write this song but I do love to hear her sing it! This is Blossom Dearie accompanied by Dr. Billy Taylor singing “Everything I’ve Got Belongs To You.”

I like to think I’m a bit of a bad ass myself. I’ve never physically hurt anyone (unless they asked me nicely *rimshot*) but I do like to think of myself as an assertive go-getter. I plan to start my bad ass revolution soon! Right after I check my Facebook and answer 30 or 40 Tweets.


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