Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I do believe we may hit every single one of my little lists with this one post of selections from “Capitol Sings Frank Loesser!” Even though I really have no way of checking, I also think this may hold the all blog record for most deceased jazz artists (14) in a single post.

We’ll start with Frank Loesser who makes the “Totally famous composers I knew nothing about” list. He composed the music to “Guys and Dolls”, and some of my favorite songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “What Are You Doing New Years Eve?” There’s lots more to Google up if you were as unaware as I.

First up is Dean Martin with “Once In Love With Amy” from the musical “Where’s Charley”

Lovely song about finding that one life changing love. As a woman over 40 who has never been married, I clearly have no experience with this. It is a really nice song though!


Next was The Four Freshmen with “Standing On The Corner.” This group is so central to this history making post! There have been 19, Four Freshmen over the years. Nine of them are no longer with us which really helped Frank with the deceased jazz artist record. Ten of them, however, get to join my proud but anemic “still alive” list! The Four Freshmen also get an honorable mention for the bizzare “What famous people were doing right before they died” list. The song “Standing On The Corner” was released in January of 1962. In December of 1961 Don Barbour, one of the founding members of The Four Freshmen, was killed in a car accident. Don had recently left the group so he didn’t actually record the song. The fact that it was probably being recorded right around the time of his death makes it a spooky enough coincidence to deserve a mention.

As a straight woman I don’t have much experience with “standing on the corner watching all the girls go by.” I do relate to feeling guilty about thoughts though. When I was an adolesent, things were tough at home, and at school, AND I was going through puberty. I spent a lot of time escaping into a really cool fantasy world I created for myself. No, I didn’t have a problem separating reality from fantasy, I just liked and probably needed to daydream. The problem was I thought I was going nuts yet I didn’t stop. I can’t remember what finally made me realize I wasn’t the only person on earth with a rich inner world. I’d imagine it was probably a combination of education and the end of shocking self-centeredness that comes with adolesence. I was probably just finally able to see that there are other people in the world and put my own paltry problems into perspective.


Next is Peggy Lee with “I Hear Music.” I like all of today’s songs but this is my favorite. It’s very peppy. I think I may add it to my “Get Happy” iPod mix.

I hear the thrilling rush of new love in this song. There’s nothing like that going on in my life at present but I’ve definitely been there before. I hope we all have at some point or other.


Betty Hutton is a good candidate for the “needs a hug” list but she’s not the best candidate today. She suffered from addiction and attempted to take her own life at least once. Here she is singing “I Wish I Didn’t Love You So” from the musical “The Perils Of Pauline.”

I am not sure whether I am just lucky or if I’m a soulless shell of a woman, but I really haven’t experienced tons and tons of heartbreak. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have wept while eating too many sweets. I have hosted and attended my share of all girl man bashing sessions and I don’t have a “Feeling Blue” iPod mix for nothing! It’s just that usually, my relationships end without a whole lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. I don’t know why but I take it as a gift.


Chet Baker is today’s winner for the “needs a hug and a belly rub” list! Heroin addiction took his career, his looks, his health and his sanity. It finally took his life when he got high and fell from his Paris hotel window. Here’s Chet when he was still dreamy singing “I’ve Never Been In Love Before” from “Guys and Dolls.” I have no idea what’s going on in this video but here ya go.

I suspect this song most accurately describes the current state of my love life. I think I’ve never really experienced soul wrenching heartache because no one’s ever gotten right down to the pulpy center of my heart. I doubt the walls around my heart are impossible to breach. It’s just a matter of me lowering the drawbridge to let the right guy in.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the end of the longest post on this thread so far! There’s no way anyone read this far down. I could totally post all my secrets and no one would be the wiser. Maybe I’ll start with that one time with the carload of circus clowns, the 17 gallons of cheap champagne, and the 50 yards of super absorbent cotton flannel… Nah!


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