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Finnian’s Rainbow

“Finian’s Rainbow” is a 1947 musical that was made into a movie starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark in 1968. Here are three songs from the show, one movie version and 2 videos from the Broadway revival.

Here’s “Old Devil Moon” from the movie performed by Petula Clark and Don Fracks. In this scene Don has convinced Petula that there are werewolves in the woods and he’s telling her what to do to ward off attack.

Next is “If This Isn’t Love” from the Broadway play. It’s only a sample but it gives you a taste. It must be a great show.

Last we have “Necessity.” This number was cut from the movie so I have no idea what the context was. It’s still a great song!

I recall hearing that in the early 19th century when Irish people immigrated to the US in large numbers, they weren’t considered White. They weren’t Protestant and they were from an opressed class in Ireland so they were “other.” They initially aligned themselves pretty strongly with the Black community. Stuff changed obviously. It’s a fun fact all the same. Well, as fun as oppression can be I suppose.

I found the movie streaming online so I had a chance to watch it. Apparently critics of the time weren’t pleased with it. They found the message outdated and the musical numbers over bloated. I quite liked it! I liked the film’s statement on racism. The music is lovely. “Look To The Rainbow” is one of my 50,000 favorite songs. I didn’t know it was from this movie. It’s Fred Astaire’s last role in a musical. He was nearly 70 at the time and still dancing. We should all be so spry! I recommend it if you like musicals. If for no other reason, you can watch it to see Fred and leading man Don wearing what must be the most spectacularly awful wigs in Hollywood!


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