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Roy Eldridge

Roy “Little Jazz” Eldridge started playing professionally at the age of 16. His big break came when he started playing with the Gene Krupa Orchestra. He recorded two hit records with Krupa, “Rockin’ Chair” and “Let Me Off Uptown.” Eldridge eventually left Krupa’s group because of the racial tensions he faced as the orchestra’s only Black performer. He then became a band leader in his own right and he collaborated with many of the greatest names in the business.

Here’s a 1942 soundie of Roy and Anita O’Day performing “Let Me Off Uptown”

I was absolutely sure I’d be able to find the soundie of “Old Rockin’ Chair” so I based my brief comment on a song about the twilight years. I didn’t find the clip so we’ll all just have to pretend this little paragraph is some sort of smooth segue. Let’s also pretend I’m not always wildly changing the subject at the bottom of these posts.

I may sometimes joke about being a dull old fogey because I am older than the average poster on this forum, but honestly I love being 40-something! I feel comfortable in my skin and life is pretty settled and stable. Like a really good pair of shoes, I feel all broken in and ready for the long journey ahead. All jokes aside, it’s great being a “woman of a certain age”… oh and YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!


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