Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Frank Zappa

“The Grand Wazoo” is a strongly jazz influenced album made in 1972 during Zappa’s convalescence after an assault at a London concert. A fan pushed him from the stage into a concrete orchestra pit and he suffered several serious injuries. He was temporarily disabled and off the road for more than half a year. In the original tour, Zappa was still in a leg brace at the time. He walked with a noticable limp and he was unable to stand for long periods of time. I can’t imagine how much determination and medication it must have taken to make that tour happen. Ultimately Zappa recovered but he was left with a permanently altered voice, one leg shorter than the other, and chronic back pain.

Here is “Eat That Question.” I believe this is from the 1973 live concert.

And now the part where I vent my spleen. It has very little to do with Frank Zappa but it’s come up in the last couple of days and I love to pass the prattling on to you!

Because I have spent a fair amount of time interacting with individuals who have disabilities, I have never considered disability an issue when it comes to dating. So when I decided to try the internet dating thing, I included a site for people with disabilities in the list of places where I posted my profile. I’m not currently active at any internet dating site but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again. The good parts were great and the bad parts were train wreck fascinating!

Here’s the interesting thing though. Because of the whole new Facebook privacy thing, I got curious recently and Googled myself. It turns out if you post a profile on a “Disabled Dating” website then leave it alone in a cool dark corner for a couple years, it starts to multiply! My Google search revealed that my profile is now posted at several similar websites. I’ve never gotten any responses from the phantom profiles. I’m not sure if I should feel relieved or depressed by the lack of interest.


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