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North By Northwest

Whew! It’s getting late so I am gonna make this one quick. I’m not going to edit so it’ll be even less coherent and more randomly punctuated than usual.

The movie basics:
-made in 1959
-directed by Alfred Hitchcock
-starred Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, and James Mason It also featured a young Martin Landau.
-Grant plays an advertising executive who is mistaken for a secret agent.

A few of my thoughts:

You know it’s funny, I’ve seen the crop duster shoot out scene from this movie imitated dozens of times. I even replay the scene in my head when I see the little planes out spraying the corn here in my own neck of the woods. I have always known the reference was “North By Northwest” but, until today, I’d never seen the movie!

One review called this movie a “reality be damned thriller.” What I loved best was that absolutely nothing plausible happened in the entire movie and I didn’t even care! That’s the mark of a truly great thriller if you ask me.

In 2006 a panel of fashion experts from GQ magazine declared that the gray suit Cary Grant wore in this movie was “the best suit in film history.” I don’t have anything to add. I just think that’s cool.

The Music:

Bernard Herrmann wrote the “Twilight Zone” theme.  He also scored several Hitchcock films. His music has an amazing ability to enhance the mood of a scene. Here is the “North By Northwest” theme.


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