Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I really had a lot of fun finding these songs! I don’t know if anyone but me will listen to all of them so here’s a hint: If you’re going to choose just one, I’d pick one of the first two!


Here’s a nifty one from the movie “King of Jazz” with The Rhythm Boys. The song is called “So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got Together.” I love the old time movie fast talking. It’s a wonder anyone understood anyone else back then.


“When I Take My Sugar To Tea” is from the 1931 Marx Brothers movie “Monkey Business.” I found the movie streaming so I watched it. I had never seen a Marx Brothers movie before. It was a stitch!

Here’s a swingin’ version of “When I Take My Sugar To Tea” by the Nat King Cole Trio.


Next up we have “Avalon” which was made popular by Al Jolson. He used it a few musicals on Broadway but many other performers have done it since. Here’s a great version with the Benny Goodman Quartet. I wish I knew more about when and where this was filmed. The song has lovely lyrics too. It’s pretty easy to find vocal versions on You Tube but this one just hit my awesome switch!


Next up is “The Tender Trap.” It’s from the 1955 movie of the same title. I’m posting the Sinatra version of the song since he’s so far behind now in the “Most Posted Artist” contest. I thought I’d give him a little air time.


And last up is “Swanee.” It was written by George Gershwin with lyrics by Irving Caesar. Al Jolson made this one popular too. In the interest of girl power, I decided to use the Judy Garland version of this song. It’s from “The Judy Garland Show.” I don’t know any details about the show but it’s a nice clip.


Now we come to the dead space at the end of a long post. Here’s the spot where I could say just about anything and no one would take any notice. So what naughty little secret shall I share… I know! I’m wearing women’s underpants. Shocking right?


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