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John Coltrane

Coltrane is yet another gifted artist who left us too soon. He recorded “A Love Supreme” in 1965 just two years before his untimely death from liver cancer. It has been called one of the greatest jazz albums of all time and it is also considered Coltrane’s finest work. The album is divided into four movements, “Acknowlegement,” “Resolution,” “Pursuance,” and “Psalm.” The movements are meant as a spiritual expression of gratitude to a higher power.

The video I chose is a live performance of the first movement “Acknowlegement.” Like yesterday’s video, it’s not the whole song but most of it is there. I like it because I can see the passion on Coltrane’s face as he plays.

As I wrote yesterday, we were expecting a pretty big snow storm here today. Fortunately our raging blizzard turned out to be more of a slightly petulant flurry but we did get enough to make the roads slick and annoying. I drive an ancient Toyota called Sulu. If you know Toyotas you know the minute there’s any hint of moisture in the forecast they completely lose all traction. On snow days we navigate by committee. I am welcome to make suggestions but Sulu has the final vote on the direction we take. I think Sulu is finally beginning to trust me because today several of my brake, accelerator, and steering wheel suggestions were not only heard but actually implemented! I doubt I’ll ever be promoted to the captain’s chair for snow day driving, but with a little luck, maybe I won’t end up like one of the guys in the red shirts.


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