Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Show Tunes!

Let’s listen to some Cole Porter today! Here’s “You’re The Top” by Ethel Merman and Frank Sinatra. Ethel first sang it in the 1936 movie “Tops The Limit” with Bing Crosby.

Both “You’re The Top” and “Anything Goes” are from the Broadway play “Anything Goes.” The Crosby/Merman movie was loosely based on the play but the 1955 movie “Anything Goes” is a more faithful adaptation… I think. It starred Mitzi Gaynor, Donald Sutherland and Bing Crosby again! Here’s Mitzi singing “Anything Goes.”

“From this moment on” is from the musical “Kiss Me Kate.” There is a “Kiss Me Kate” movie but Bing wasn’t involved. I chose the Pat Suzuki version from “The Frank Sinatra Show” because it’s cool and she’s the first Asian person we’ve seen on the blog.

When we first moved to California I was pretty sure there’d be a movie star on every corner. I imagined walking the streets with an autograph book constantly at the ready to thrust at every passing pedestrian in a wide brimmed hat and huge dark sunglasses (international symbols of superstardom). It turned out there were few opportunities to rub elbows with the rich and famous in our middle class Long Beach neighborhood. Not only that but it seemed in sunny Southern California they let almost anyone wear hats with brims and sunglasses!

I was thrilled when Mom got a job at a bank in Culver City not too far from MGM (now Sony) Studios. I figured I’d finally have my chance to mingle with the stars. It turns out they do not hang out at the front entrances of movie studios waiting to sign things for eager fans. I was forced to conclude that the “Beverly Hillbillies” claim that Californy was full of “swimmin’ pools” and “movie stars” was false. I’d been in the state a month and hadn’t seen either of those things. Happily it was only a matter of time and patience before I was able to witness the truth in the prophecies set forth by Cousin Jethro et. al. I’ve got John Tesh’s autographed photo in a frame by my bedside to prove it!


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