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All Bing All The Time!

First up is Bing doing an oddly peppy version of “Old Man River.” The person who posted the video didn’t know where the clip was from. The song was written by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II for the 1927 musical “Show Boat.” I don’t think the swinging interpretation is terribly successful but you can judge for yourselves.


Next up is “Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep” from the 1954 movie “White Christmas.” This was actually a very good song for me to hear today. It may have been slightly sucky around here today, but I know my small problems don’t amount to a hill of beans when compared to my blessings. I am a very fortunate woman.


Last we have Bing and Johnny Mercer doing a skit and a song about their radio days. I don’t know what this is from but it looks live 1950’s television to me. There are a couple of small bloopers but they keep right on rolling. I love that. Of the three videos I’ve posted today, this is my favorite.

I didn’t spend much time at Farmer’s Market when I lived in CA but I definitely plan to go when I visit LA this year! The market has the best selection of fresh produce, meat, spices, sweets, ect around. It is also home to several of the finest restaurants in the city. But the main reason I plan to go? Two words: dinosaur donuts. Now that’s cuisine!


Comments on: "All Bing All The Time!" (1)

  1. Sweet baby Jeebus there’s a lot of Bing on this here blog! I’m really not all that big a Bing fan either. Ah well, I think we leave Bing behind now for a good long stretch thank goodness!

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