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Henry Mancini

“Peter Gunn” the television series ran from 1958 – 1961. It was a half hour film noir detective show and Mancini provided the fantastic jazz soundtrack. Most people are more familiar with the “Peter Gunn” theme song than they are with the show. The “The Music From Peter Gunn” was number one on the Billboard charts and the theme song won an Emmy and two Grammys for Mancini. You can hear quite a bit of the soundtrack on Last FM:


“Dreamsville” is a beautiful ballad. It has sweet romantic lyrics so I wonder if Peter Gunn’s girlfriend sang it in the TV show. It’s instrumental on the album so that’s the version we’ll hear today. It’s exactly the right song for the lazy mellow Saturday we’re having around here.

I found and watched a few episodes of “Peter Gunn.” I wonder why no one ever put it together that wherever Gunn went someone died. If he wasn’t a vicious and inventive serial killer he was certainly a terrifying harbinger of death! But at least he only lasted for three seasons. That “Murder She Wrote” woman committed made for TV genocide for 12 blood-soaked years!


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  1. Yipes! It occurred to me as I was tag surfing other people’s blogs that I need to go back and do a LOT more tagging around here. Or maybe I should just reserve that for the new stuff since few people are likely to go back and read this old stuff anyway… meh I’ll see how the wind blows! But from here on out there will definitely be more tags!

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