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Sun Ra and Me

Sun Ra was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1914 and he was named Herman Poole Blount. He claimed to have had an encounter with aliens who took him to their planet and revealed his true origins to him. They revealed that he was from another planet and that he was from a race of angels. He took his name from the Egyptian sun God Ra. For most of his career he lead a band called The Arkestra.

I suspect some of this music sounds best when one is in an altered state of consciousness. I have never personally been high but if I ever get the chance to try it, I wouldn’t mind a little Sun Ra playing in the background. Here’s “Space Is The Place” in honor of Sun Ra’s cosmic origins. It’s actually a pretty groovy tune even for sober ol’ me.

I haven’t seen Avatar yet but most people who have seem pleased. Apparently even as I type this it’s winning some Golden Globes for things. I am watching the TV series “Farscape.” It also takes place in space and also has a few blue people. I don’t know if it ever won any awards but who cares, it’s Muppety!


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  1. […] Pharoah Sanders was actually born Ferrell Sanders but he got his nickname from band leader Sun Ra. He came to prominence while playing with John Coltrane in 1965. After his time with Coltrane he […]

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