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Tom Jobim And Me

Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim was a pioneer in bossa nova style music. Bossa nova was developed in the upscale beachside neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. Although its peak popularity only lasted five years (1958-1963), artists like Jobim created many popular jazz standards.

I love Jobim’s music so much I wanted to post all his songs here. I had a devil of a time choosing just one. I was going to resist “Girl From Ipanema” because there are so many other awesome songs that people don’t hear nearly as often. Tom Jobim worked with many other great artists like Frank Sinatra, Stan Getz, and Herbie Hancock. He even worked with some non-jazz greats. I found one video of him performing his song “How Insensitive” with Sting. Even though I’d love an excuse to put Sting in the jazz thread, I decided against it. The song is about some guy who feels guilty because he’s snubbed his lady love. Since I have not recently been snubee or a snubber, I wasn’t in the mood for that one. In the end I decided to just go with “Girl From Ipanema” because what I want to say after the break kinda sorta relates. Here’s Tom Jobim in 1965 on the “Andy Williams Show.”

I normally consider myself a pretty perceptive person but, like the Girl From Ipanema, I apparently have one blind spot. I am unable to tell when someone likes me. You know, likes me-likes me. I’m sure that has absolutely nothing to do with the current state of my love life. Just to be on the safe side though, perhaps I’ll dig out my origami Cootie Catcher from middle school.

A Cootie Catcher

I can use the amazing oracle right side up to locate interested suitors and then turn it upside down and stuff the pockets with candy to reel him in!

Cootie Catcher/ Candy Dish


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