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Lee Morgan, My Cat, And Me

In 1963 Lee Morgan had just had a surprise hit with his rock and roll flavored instrumental “Sidewinder.” He assembled this all star cast to record his follow up “Tom Cat” in 1964. It’s a great album but none of the songs sound anything like “Sidewinder” so Morgan’s label Blue Note shelved it. The album wasn’t released until 1981. I only found one video on You Tube and luckily it’s my favorite song from the album. Here’s Lee Morgan with “Twilight Mist.”

I had a fabulous tom cat myself for years. He was black so his name was Obsidian, Sid for short. I used to call him the therapy cat. All of the foster kids who passed through my home can attest to the power of his mellow healing spirit. All that and he was self cleaning! I wish I could find a human male like that. The mellow spirit I mean, I wouldn’t want a guy who constantly licked himself… I think I’ll just end that thought there so we can maintain our PG-13 rating here on the jazz thread.


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