Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

A Couple of Torch Songs

“The Complete Jerome Kern Songbooks” is a three disc set with more tracks by some of my favorite artists. “Let’s Begin,” with lyrics by Otto Harbach, was written for the 1933 musical “Roberta.”

I haven’t seen the 1935 movie yet but I think I may have found it streaming online. I’ll probably watch tonight. I assume the romantic inertia described in the song will be overcome with a lavish song and dance number as usual. I don’t think tone deaf and clumsy people were allowed to mate back then. Thank heavens we have email, Facebook, and Twitter these days. Even people who are all thumbs can communicate with each other if they’re interested.

Dorothy Fields wrote the lyrics for “Remind Me.” It was used in the 1940 musical “One Night In The Tropics.” Here’s Marian Montgomery.

Since this is another number from a musical, I’m sure by the end, whoever sings the song has gotten over all those “You’re about the be the worst mistake I ever made” feelings and has tap danced happily off into the sunset. Unfortunately we here in the real world have to throw ourselves into the Cuisinart of love and hope we don’t get minced. I suppose the best anyone can do is try to land feet first. That way if the blades start spinning it might hurt but at least it won’t kill ya!


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