Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Obviously we don’t have a lot of info about young Fiona. She is a
talented young lady who is a member of the PS 22 chorus in Staten
Island, NY. The chorus made a name for itself with its hit viral video “Lisztomania.” They also have a blog dedicated to the promotion retention of fine arts programs in schools. Here’s a link:


There are lots more fantastic videos from other amazing young people. It looks like the kids have made quite a few famous friends too.

In the video’s blurb, the choral director says the song is “ironically” called “Friendship.” I didn’t see any irony in it myself. It’s a song about the end of a friendship. A lot of friendships don’t survive the transition from elementary school to middle school and it looks like Fiona is about that age. Sometimes kids just grow apart as they mature. It can be a painful time and I think the lucky kids find healthy ways to express their feelings. I wrote my fair share of dreadful songs and poetry when I was that age. Here’s how Fiona, a talented kid, expresses herself:

I just love the artist in my own kid’s soul and I do everything I can to encourage it. She is quite a prolific author, artist, and composer. Though we’ve never recorded any of her fine musical arrangements, they are always well received by her adoring audience (me). We do have quite a vibrant refrigerator gallery featuring both her abstract and representational works. As soon as we get them illustrated, we are also going to self publish a collection of her short stories called “15 Second Bed Time Tales: The Kindergarten Years.” The volume will be slim but it will cover all the hard hitting issues affecting today’s kindergartner; recess, ice cream, gym class, toys, magic, parties, and more. Advanced and wholly unbiased reviews have proclaimed the work “pure genius!” We expect to sell over 2 copies worldwide which will make her the bestselling author in our entire family.


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