Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Sleepy Time Gal” is the title song to a 1942 movie starring Judy Canova. One reviewer on IMDb calls it a “sadly forgotten gem” of a film. The internet says the film is about mistaken identity and mob intrigue. What does that have to do with sleepy time? No idea, but it is a catchy tune. Here’s Jerry Vale’s version. We haven’t heard from him on this blog yet.

I’m a sleepy time gal. I ain’t that domestic so I don’t “love” to cook and to sew on a regular basis, but I do occasionally like to do both when it’s a special project. Even though I have to get up pretty early in the morning for work, you’ll never find me in bed at eight. I am, however, almost always in for the evening well before that time. I would like to blame that on the kiddo but really, if I wanted to go out it wouldn’t be that hard to get a sitter. It’s really just the older I get, the more my inner “crotchety old shut-in” comes out. I just like staying in for an early supper and a rousing evening of yelling at kids to stay off my lawn. Now if you’ll excuse me I see several square inches of my home not covered in doily. I must go and remedy that immediately.


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