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Miles and Melancholia

I doubt melancholia is ever beautiful but “Blue in Green” and “Flamenco Sketches” certainly are. They’re both on the album “Kind Of Blue” which is probably the best selling jazz album of all time. Authorship of the song “Blue In Green” has been debated. In this album’s liner notes Davis is credited with composing the tune. But when pianist Bill Evans covered the tune on later recordings his notes say Evans-Davis. One source even says Evans alone wrote the song. Either way, both songs were very heavily influenced by Bill Evans. Please enjoy!

Melancholia is an oddly pretty word for such a devastating disorder. It’s a severe mood disturbance characterized by persistent depression and psycho-motor disturbances. It is easy to imagine Davis or Evans suffering from melancholia. It seems so many of our most brilliant creative minds struggle with mental illness. Does beauty come from suffering? I’d love to think it doesn’t but I honestly don’t know. I choose to believe that if there was some sort of genius centrifuge that could separate the madness from the gift, we would end up with a lot more Lady Day and a lot less Lady GaGa.


Comments on: "Miles and Melancholia" (2)

  1. Kind of Blue, probably the best jazz vinyl ever. Masterpiece. Thanks for having it here.

  2. […] thanks to Music and Musings for getting there […]

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