Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I’m a sign language interpreter. I’ve worked in all sorts of corporate, community, academic, and entertainment situations. You name it, I’ve probably interpreted it. The biggest thrill of my professional career so far was probably the time I got to interpret for one of my all time heroes, Dr Maya Angelou (she did not have a tantrum). I’ll never get rich but I’m lucky to say I have a career I still love after nearly 20 years.

I was going to post a different tune today but one of my new friends on Twitter posted a link to a Johnathan Coulton song performed in sign. It may not be the best American Sign Language performance on the web but the song is cute and funny and the guy ain’t bad. Let’s enjoy “Re:Your Brains” in Zombie Sign Language!

Like I said I’ve been signing a while and I may not be the best interpreter in the world but I’m pretty good. Still the thought of some jobs scare even me. For example, every night of my professional life I drop to my knees and say a silent prayer that I will never ever EVER be called upon to interpret “Convoluted Man!”


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