Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

As the driving creative force behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson wrote, produced, and performed some of the best and most beloved songs of all time. Unfortunately, mental illness and addiction ended his brilliant career for many years. I read an article wherein he talks about living with schizoaffective disorder. There is no cure for his condition but he seems to have found ways to cope with it and he is now able to tour and perform.

“Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys.” is a 5 CD set which includes of all their biggest hits. I decided to go with “Pet Sounds” which is the title song for a 1966 album which many consider to be one of the greatest pop albums of all time. I picked it because it’s a rare instrumental number and I like the song. Interesting and probably true bit of trivia: the song’s original title was “Run James Run” and it was intended to be a theme song for a James Bond movie.

When I meet celebrities I aim to be, if not memorable, at least not offensive. Usually I think I succeed but there was one mortifying incident that still fills me with shame and regret to this day. Naturally I have to share it with the entire forum reading world.

When I was fairly new to the interpreting field I got the opportunity to meet Linda Bove who played the Deaf woman on Sesame Street. Watching her as a kid sparked my interest in sign language and set me on my eventual career path. I idolize the woman so, of course, I just had to speak to her. As I waited for my turn to chat I went over and over what I wanted to say in my mind so I’d be ready. I got there and all power of coherent language completely failed me. Here’s a rough translation of what I said to the poor woman: “Hi, I’m a baby deer. Your signing caused a growth on my brain and I’m a mechanic now. Thank you so much. It is wonderful to have sex with you!” She didn’t try to respond because, seriously, how do you even begin to unpack that? She simply smiled, shook my hand and excused herself quickly. Many years later I got a chance to work with her briefly. Obviously she didn’t remember me but I was still pleased to redeem myself in my own mind by providing competent and accurate service to one of my heroes.

By the way, to anyone out there reading who thinks they have said something dumb to a celebrity, let this post stand as notice. I WIN!


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