Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Too Young was written by Jimmy McHugh in 1955. It was quite a popular tune that was recorded by many of the top vocalists in the 50’s. In 1959 it also inspired a short lived TV sitcom with the same title. The John Coltrane Quartet version appears on the 1962 album “Ballads.” The vocal version of the song is fraught with 1950’s adolescent angst but I find the Trane version cool and soothing. Of course it could just be the suggestion of the images in the video I found. Judge for yourself!

My own sweet puppy love is a fuzzy white four legged girl called Eloise. She came home in ‘07 about six months after we lost our kitty Obsidian. I wasn’t completely convinced I was ready for a new pet at the time but we were feeling a bit lonesome for animal company so I figured it was at least time to start looking. So one Saturday I loaded my daughter into the car and we went to the pound to start our search for the right animal for our home. I didn’t take a leash or a pet carrier or anything because I KNEW we were just looking! We looked at the cats but comparison was inevitable so that didn’t work out. Then we looked at the dogs. A sweet mellow American Bulldog caught my eye so, on a lark, I asked if we could see her in the visiting room. They brought her in and my daughter immediately got on the floor and put her arms around the dog’s neck. The dog nuzzled her back. Then both of them looked up at me with soulful brown eyes. Then the heart string tugging reached Shirley Tempelian proportions when my girl asked “Mommy, can the doggie have a ‘doption just like me?” At that moment a million reasons why it’s a TERRIBLE idea to adopt a dog on impulse flew out the window. After a quick trip to the nearest PetSmart for supplies, Eloise came home with us that day and we’ve been a happy all girl trio ever since!


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