Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“The Jazz Giants Play Jerome Kern” is the album for today. All the songs that I’ve heard on this album are so great it might have been difficult to narrow down the selection. Luckily You Tube did the job for me. I was hoping to play one of the artists I hadn’t put on the thread yet. Unfortunately there weren’t many videos of them so I decided to play pianist Art Tatum’s version of “All The Things You Are.” I’ve only played him once before I think. He was mostly blind and all genius. Fats Waller once called him “a god.” He performed the song on a 1956 duet album with Ben Webster but this is a solo piece.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s video but I think I have found the perfect way to finally start checking projects off my to do list. Apparently I must declare a weekend of complete sloth in order to get my rear in gear. It seems my natural inclination to procrastinate works even when the task at hand is sitting and snacking. I got loads of stuff done this weekend trying to avoid the dreaded popcorn and a movie hell I had planned for myself. I’m totally going to write a best selling self help book about this… tomorrow, after I make some popcorn and watch a couple movies.


Comments on: "Art Tatum and My Sloth Procrastination = Productivity" (1)

  1. […] love Art Tatum! I’ve posted about him a few times on this blog and listened to him on You Tube quite a lot but I still […]

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