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One of the comments under the video was from a gentleman who said “I think she might have been the first woman I ever had the hots for in my life.” I suspect that’s true for a lot of guys. I wonder if even Joey herself is aware of just how many boys she ushered into manhood with numbers like this one.

Joey Heatherton started her career in the early 50’s with guest spots on her father’s kids show “The Merry Mailman.” Her star continued to rise through the 60’s. In the 70’s, personal problems and changing public tastes cooled her career considerably, but when this video was shot in 1965, she was the “it” girl!

peaking of blond former child stars, I recently started following Alison Arngrim on Twitter! That’s Nellie Oleson of “Little House On The Prairie”  fame for those not in the know. I’ve been following Melissa Gilbert (Laura Ingalls) for a while now and she is quite cool but finding Alison is ten times more thrilling for some reason. Maybe it’s because I actually met her once. It was at an AIDS awareness function back when I still lived in CA. She was very warm, kind and quite gracious even when I called her Nellie because I couldn’t remember her name. Alison’s got a new book out called “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch” which I look forward to reading. The other day she was re-tweeting responses from (presumably) fully grown people who said they refused to buy her book because they hated the character Nellie Oleson! I was laughing of course but then I thought about it. Now as an adult I can see that Alison is a cool and funny lady and I’m proud to be a fan. But if I had met her when we were both kids, I’m sure I would have disliked her on sight simply because she did her job really well. I’m glad “Little House” was a part of my childhood but, as much as I dislike a lot of kids shows today, I am very glad to see they don’t seem to make child characters that are so utterly unlikeable any more.


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