Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

He was actually born Horace Silva but I suspect the fact that he was born in New England (Connecticut) has a lot to do with why he eventually became Silver.

“Senor Blues” was written in 1956 for the album “Six Pieces Of Silver.” This particular recording was done in 1959 in Sweden and, even though this version’s instrumental, the song does have lyrics. The melody is cool Latin jazz with an unusual 6/8 time signature but the lyrics are pure Blues! The singer’s woman, a wanton hussy to be sure, is playing around with the “tall and good looking” Senor Blues. Senor Blues, for his part, is philanderer with wanderlust. In other words, exactly the kind of happy, life affirming story you’d expect in a Blues song.

Once, when I and the internet were both still quite young, a faceless psychic in a chat room told me I’d find love later in life and it’d be with a tall bespectacled man named Richard. Well now it’s much later in my life. Could this video that my friend posted be the second part of the prophecy? Am I destined to end up with a mean mistreater like Senor Blues? Is my friend a super cool jazz fan sharing a great tune with his legions of Facebook friends or is he a harbinger of DOOM for my love life?? Of course we all know the only logical answer. I just hope Senor Blues isn’t a smoker. There’s nothing worse than having to spend happily ever after with a bastard that I’m allergic to!


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