Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

“Ceora” is from the 1965 album “Cornbread.” The story goes that a woman on a train asked Lee to write a song for her. He wrote it out on a napkin and played it for her right there and then. He also named it after the woman. This information comes from a guy on You Tube who says that he heard that’s what Herbie Hancock said. It’s a fourth or fifth hand story posted by a vaguely credible sounding stranger on the internet so you know it just has to be true!

I really really need to make a few You Tube play lists out of the videos on this thread! This song is another fantastic pick from friends and I need bundle these guys up on an autoplay list of awesome! I just hope no one wanders by when I’m playing this particular song asks me what it is. I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce Ceora!


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