Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Bill Evans’ Muse

Bill Evans is one groovy cat! “Waltz For Debby” was written for his 1956 album “New Jazz Conceptions” but the most famous version is on his 1961 album “Waltz For Debby.” The song was inspired by his young niece. Even though this is an instrumental version, it does have gorgeous lyrics by Gene Lees that make me want to hug and kiss my daughter for six or seven hours straight. There are probably laws against that. Rightly so.

I can say with 99.92% confidence that I have never inspired anyone’s creative endeavors. I don’t have a face or figure that makes anyone gasp and cry “I must paint you!” No one inclined to write poetry has ever been smitten with me, and I don’t lead the sort of life that novels or movies are based on (probably a good thing). I think my best chance at immortality might be a photo spread on the People Of Walmart website. Someone fetch me my lime green stretch pants and my halter top made of bandannas. Today I am a muse!


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