Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Here’s Bill Evans with the theme some for the movie “The Americanizaiton Of Emily”

“The Americanization of Emily” is a Julie Andrews movie that I’ve never seen! I’ve probably mentioned it like 8000 times but it bears repeating. I LOVE Julie Andrews! I found the movie streaming online so I’ll definitely be watching it this week.

I love the Bill Evans version of this song. Johnny Mercer, who I also love, wrote beautiful lyrics for it so I also really like the Tony Bennett version. Sinatra also sang the song but I think Bennett sounds more besotted and this is definitely a song that requires a bit of moony eyed passion.

I love the trivia I pick up writing in this blog. I thought it was interesting that this clip was from 1970 but it was in black and white. It turns out most of Europe didn’t get color TV until the mid-seventies.  The mid seventies was also when we traded our old black and white set for a new (to us) color set. I always thought we were just sorta broke because my mom was young and just starting out. But it turns out we were just “continental!”


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