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Joe Bushkin and Pets and Me

Joe Bushkin composed Sinatra’s first hit “Oh, Look At Me Now.” He played on Billie Holiday’s first record and, when Joe was in his 60s, Bing Crosby convinced him to come out of retirement for his (Bing’s) last tour.

NOTE: What follows has nothing to do with Joe Bushkin. It’s just what we happened to be discussing where I originally posted this. I have tacked on a non-sequitur tag and I now present it to you for your reading pleasure!

Technically my first pet was a goldfish named Ralph, but I adopted quite a few stray outdoor cats before old Ralph** came along. I can’t tell you the name of the first one because I often use it as my “forgot your password” question and I just know evil hackers have been clamoring for that last vital piece of information in order to break in to my Greatest American Hero fan forum account. Those bastards… Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Joe Bushkin is awesome!

**Ralph actually did live to be quite old. Either that or my mom just kept replacing him. In any case I’m pretty sure there must have been at least two Ralphs ’cause the thing lived to be about 5!


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