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“The Red Shoes” was a 1948 British film about a ballet dancer who is forced to choose between the two greatest loves of her life, ballet and suave fellow dancer Jullian Craster. It’s a fantastic film which I highly recommend.

This very nifty short film is based on the ballet “The Red Shoes” that they dance within the movie. If you like this film maker’s work she’s got 125 more fims on You Tube. Here’s a link to her home page.


Wherein I Argue That Red Shoes Get A Bad Rep

Up until puberty I had red hair. That actually made me a bit of a sensation in my all Black neighborhood because natural red heads are extremely rare. Because I was a red head, it was decided pretty early on that I should always wear red… always. Even in black and white pictures of me you can totally tell I’m wearing red. For the first few years of my life, the only articles of clothing I owned that didn’t have any red in them were my shoes.

I had clubbed feet so my shoes were hard, white, orthopedic and horrible! While the other little girls skipped around in Mary Janes and Keds and (heaven bless us) sandals, I plodded through the playground in shoes that had to be bolted on and adjusted with a key. I looked like Frankenstein’s baby!

Right around my 3rd birthday though, the evil shoes had finally done their job. My feet were turned right side down and they faced more or less forward. So at my party, among the dolls and toys and stacks of red-trimmed school clothes were a pair of fire engine red tennis shoes! Unfortunately I don’t have it scanned but there’s a picture of me sitting in a pile of torn wrapping paper holding those shoes and gazing at them with a look of almost perfect adoration. I had to wear them on the wrong feet for corrective purposes but I don’t think any little girl ever felt more beautiful than I did when I was wearing those red shoes! Like the woman in the story I wore the red shoes constantly. My mom had to pry them off me at night. So take that Mr. Hans Christian Andersen with your red shoe symbolizing vice, ruin, and obsession. I’ll take my own red shoe symbolism of freedom, beauty and, well okay obsession too… So what! Red shoes RULE!


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