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Almost every article I read about Larry Young says that he was under rated. I personally think if he’d lived long enough he would have gotten the recognition he so richly deserved. Then again James Dean only needed 3 major film roles to become a legend so who knows. The song “Paris Eyes” is from Larry’s 4th album “Into Somethin'” (1964).

In the second half of the 20th century jazz fell out of favor here in the States but it was still wildly popular in Western Europe. Many artists migrated to countries like France when work became hard to find here. I looked and it turns out France is still a pretty big jazz mecca even today. There is a jazz festival almost every week there!

Since I love to dream and I also love to travel, I naturally started planning my fabulous Fake French vacation immediately. Here’s the fascinating thing though, it turns out a trip to France is not nearly as expensive as I thought it would be. If I saved just a bit I could actually swing it! Here’s the even more amazing part, even the cheap hotels in France are gorgeous! Check this place out:

Fancy French Hotel

That’s a hotel in my price range! I ain’t rich so trust me that’s Paris’ answer to Motel Six or “Motel Six” as they call it in French. (No really, look it up!) Now I just have to find French food in my price range. I must be sure to highlight the question “Where is the Stuckeys” in my phrase book. I bet chili dogs in France are superb!


Comments on: "Larry Young Directs My Eyes To Paris" (1)

  1. While visiting I noticed with glee, word pond in your blogroll. I have likewise returned the compliment, tip of the hat. Thanks so much for your appreciation and be seeing you around. (My favorite five-letter word is Paris. Hope you get there.)

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