Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Musical Me

Today on one of the social networking sites I frequent, a friend of mine posted her theme song. I didn’t hear it but the song had her name in the title and presumably it’s something uplifting since she’s a fabulous lady. It got me to thinking about songs with my name in the title and which of them I might choose for my theme song. I gotta tell you, the pickings are mighty slim! Let’s start out with “Delta Dawn.” It’s a very catchy tune but a train wreck as a theme song! My mother does still call me “baby” from time to time (it’s a Black thing). But I like to think my own personal brand of crazy is just a little less soul crushingly sad.


Next there’s “Dawn (Go Away)” by The Four Seasons. Not the most inviting title for a theme song is it?


Of course Bing Crosby’s “Song Of The Dawn” is slightly better with it’s message of dawn coming to save the world from oppressive night. I’m not entirely sure I could live up to such high expectations that early in the morning though. Still it’s the nicest one in the bunch so far.


I could go about it slightly sideways and choose something by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Of course I’m fairly certain they didn’t do any songs that would even remotely fit into the theme song category. This video is a hoot though isn’t it?


If it wasn’t absolutely cheating I think I’d pick “Good Morning Star Shine” as my theme song. It’s about sunrise, it’s a happy little number, and “Gliddy glub glooby. Niddy Nobby Nooby. La la la lo lo” is exactly what I sound like first thing in the morning!


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