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“Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls” is a 1970 cult classic movie. It was co-written by director Russ Meyer and young Roger Ebert. It’s been on my Netflix queue for a while but I haven’t seen it. I bumped it up though so it’ll be coming up next! All the comments I’ve read seem to all agree that it’s a terrible movie that everyone absolutely loves!

Apparently in the late 60s and early 70s LA was a place where absolutely everyone was naked and high all the time. I know that because every single movie aimed at young people back then said so. I didn’t move to LA until the 80s when when Nancy Regan’s war on drugs ruined everything! Nowadays though it appears that the City of Angels is trying to make a return to the glorious Doll Valley Days with the decriminalization of marijuana. Naturally this comes more than a decade after I left the Golden State. It’s a shame because I have been “pot curious” for a while now. I’ve never actually tried it because I’m way too chicken to risk criminal charges over something so trivial. But I’m here to tell ya, if CA does legalize it I will definitely heading into town and straight to the local Reefery for one of their finest doobies. I’m prepared to  “Tune in, turn on, and drop out” for upwards of two hours if necessary!


Comments on: "Road Trippin’ Far Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" (2)

  1. As soon as you try it you’ll go “Oh, really? THIS is what we’ve been fighting?! I mean, I can see regulating it like alcohol for public safety concerns but…really? ALL that posturing and hubbaloo and jail time for decades and decades…for…this?”. And then that will be that….unless you get some cheap pot and then you’ll just wonder why anyone would want to smoke it because it will make you feel less than stellar.

    • I think you are absolutely right. I would imagine that many states if not the nation will legalize it within my lifetime. Criminalized Mary Jane really is a huge waste of time and tax payer money!

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