Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Here’s a great song I found while blog surfing. It’s George Benson playing Stevie Wonder’s song “Lately.” The video is from his 2006 “Absolutely Live” DVD. The footage was actually filmed in 2000 at a concert in Belfast, Ireland.

With the song “Lately” in the post, I should probably use this section to recount my own tragic tales of love gone wrong or perhaps to share stories of all the exciting adventures I’ve been having “Lately.” Unfortunately the most exciting thing that happened to me today involved a six year old’s colon. The details aren’t nearly as exciting or romantic as you’d think! Of course it might be an interesting thought exercise to try to turn the day’s escapades into a tragic yet romantic adventure. I think I’ll call it “Plunge The Toilet Geyser Slowly.”


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