Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

John Coltrane

I wasn’t able to find much information about “I Want To Talk About You.” I know Billy Eckstine and Ella Fitzgerald both did popular versions of the song but I couldn’t find when it was written or by whom. A You Tube commenter thinks the audio in this video might be from from the “Live In Stockholm, 1963” album. Either way it’s great footage and a beautiful song.

“I Want To Talk About You” is a rather apropos song to play since talking about me is all I seem to do on this blog. I used to at least talk about the guy I like but, even though I still think he’s dreamy, I can’t keep doing that. I haven’t been exactly silent about my crush so I’m pretty sure he knows about it. Given the fact that he hasn’t trotted up to my door on his trusty white steed, I have to assume a romantic dinner for two is not in our future. But because I don’t have any communication with him, I don’t know if my one sided admiration club makes him uncomfortable or not. So rather than find out the answer via restraining order, I shall just keep my mooning to myself. I’m afraid you’re stuck with more endless prattle about me. But hey, at least you get some awesome tunes to go along with it!


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