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Songs of St Louis

Rosemary Clooney began singing with Tony Pastor’s band in 1946 but she rose to prominence with her solo hit “Come On-A My House.” John Benson Brooks wrote “You Came A Long Way From St Louis” in 1948 for Ray McKinley. I think this video is from┬áRosemary’s 1956 variety show.


There has not been nearly enough Allan Sherman in my life up to this point! This shall change I vow! Between 1962 and 1967 Allan Sherman produced a string of comedy and parody albums and songs, the most famous of which was “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” ┬áHe also created the game show “I’ve Got A Secret.” I knew the name Allan Sherman but I don’t know much of his work. I am now instantly in love.

I’m on my way to St Louis to see the show this weekend with a HUGE group of Twitter friends! I’ve secured a ride and I’m sharing a hotel room with a lovely new Twitter friend. The only thing I don’t have is a ticket to the show! It’s a huge arena so I can’t imagine they’ll be sold out. I just hope I don’t have to sit in the nosebleed section. It’s not an especially long trip for me and I don’t expect the French Revolution to break out but you never know so I’ll pack accordingly.


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