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Another Opening Another Show

Part 3: The Show

Long story short: After a fantastic dinner we all went to see Cinematic Titanic! After the show everyone went back to the hotel, got properly hammered, and had a blast. Everyone except me. I went to bed sober and hours before anyone else because apparently I am 80 years old and Amish.

Cinematic Titanic is a spoken word comedy show so, of course, I had to go with this video:

We got seated just as the show was starting and saw that Gruber, their usual opening act, was missing from the line up. But the rest of the crew ably handled the warm up of course. We had hilarious comedy from Frank along with this beautiful song of Christmas cheer:

We had great music from Josh, readings from Trace and Mary Jo from Trace’s book “Silly Rhymes For Belligerent Children” and magic from Joel! Then this happened which got everyone excited:

Then the movie started. It was called “Rattlers” and it was pretty terrible as one might expect but the gang made it hilarious. I thought the riffers were a bit quiet in some places but where they were joking they were firing on all four cylinders!

After the show came the meet and greet. Joel was first in line and he recognized me right away. I go to a lot of  these shows so that’s not surprising. Then Trace who told me how my daughter’s comment about his book made his day and how he might like to use it for promos. I thought that was cool. Then J Elvis who I forgot to tell that I enjoyed his song! Then Mary Jo asked me about my adoption (how the heck she knew I have no idea but how cool is that??).

Last in line was Frank who looks like he’s been losing weight. I wonder if that man ever has a bad hair day. I bet he just wakes up in the morning looking all coiffed and perfect like that. Anyway I asked him about his dad. Frank’s father was a journalist and he rubbed elbows with some very powerful people so I asked Frank if his dad had ever shared stories. The answer was no. Frank says his dad was pretty sick when he (Frank) was a kid so not much into sharing. Seems to me Frank’s dad’s life would make one hell of a great book though I forgot to mention that to Frank. Ah well, it’s something to talk about next time.

I think I was the only one bright eyed and bushy tailed for the brunch on Sunday morning. The rest of us were a bit bleery eyed and green around the gills. Some of us didn’t make it at all. Still it was a great capper to a really fun weekend with friends. I can’t wait until next time!


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