Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

I love this song. Heck I love this character! This is Julie Dawn Cole as Veruca Salt in the 1972 “Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory” singing “I Want It Now.” I used to have this soundtrack on vinyl but it’s long gone. Now I’m thinking I really need to get it again. “Pure Imagination” is one of my (14 billion) all time favorite songs and it’s a shame I no longer own it.

I always wondered what a “bean feast” was since this song is the only place I’d ever heard the term. This posting finally reminded me to look it up. It’s a term mainly used in Britain and it’s a celebration given by employers for their employees but it’s become a general term for any kind of celebratory feast.

There’s no such thing as a tantrum free kid. The ability to regulate emotions (hopefully) comes with maturity so kids will throw fits. Even mine who, all things considered, is a pretty darn good kid, will throw wobblers from time to time (usually when she’s tired).  All the parenting books say the key is handling them appropriately. I find it tricky to strike a balance between teaching her that anger is an acceptable emotion and it’s okay to express it and saying “Seriously, it’s just a lollipop, get a grip!”

On side note, I know Veruca is a brat and all, but doesn’t her party sound awesome? I mean there’s gonna be performing baboons for heavens sake!


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