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Cannon starred William Conrad and it ran from 1971-1976. The theme song was composed by John Parker who also composed the theme for CHiPs which was one of my 70s favorites. This opening is from “The Star” which was episode 14 of the fifth and final season of the show.

It’s funny, I remember the name of the character and the theme song for this show but I know almost nothing about it. I think it must have aired right at my bed time or something so that the opening credits were all I ever saw. I do remember “Nero Wolfe” and “Jake and the Fat Man” very well though. Maybe type casting isn’t such a bad thing for some people. William Conrad was quite an accomplished TV director through the late 50s and 60s but I bet he’ll be best remembered for his two decades of portraying America’s favorite crime fighter of size!


Comments on: "William Conrad IS Frank Cannon!" (2)

  1. martin coyle said:

    i loved frank canon on tv. in 1971-76. i would love music theme of frank canon on my phone thanks martin.

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