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Archive for November 28, 2010

Ella and Louis Moonlight In Vermont

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong recorded five beautiful albums together in the 1950s. “Moonlight In Vermont” is from their 1956 album “Ella and Louis.” The song was written in 1943 by John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf. It was an unusual composition for the time because it doesn’t rhyme and a it’s ballad that’s not a love song. I, for one, love the imagery.

I posted this song today in honor of my awesome new phone! It’s not night time and I have never been anywhere near Vermont in my life so what, you may ask, does this 1943 song have to do with my very modern smart phone? My phone plays Pandora internet radio! When I downloaded the app and switched to my jazz station this was the first song I heard. I think that’s the moment I went from really really liking my phone to loving it! Like I said on Facebook, if I find an app that tells me I don’t look fat in things I might just have to marry this thing!


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