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‘Cause What Else Are You Gonna Post Today…

Today is a traveling day for me. I’ve got a million and one little errands to run before I hit the road but I wanted to post to mark this momentus occasion! Today is the very last day of my three month “blog every day” marathon! Oh, and I think there’s some holiday going on too… Here’s a lovely song by the lovely Nancy Wilson about the holiday. I’ll talk about the important milestone when I get back home!


National Lampoon’s String Vacation

Spike Jones worked for several years as a “serious” percussionist. He was even in the orchestra that played on Bing Crosby’s original recording of “White Christmas.”  Eventually he joined a band called The Feather Merchants which evolved into The City Slickers. They signed a recording contract with RCA in 1941 and continued to record regularly until 1955. Here he is with his rendition of the David Rose’s 1944 song “Holiday For Strings.”

After the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Kwanzaa hoopla, we here at House Beautiful generally tend to end our holiday season with a contented wimper. We spend New Years Eve vegged out at home in jammies watching movies. Then the Beautiful Girl and I toast the New Year at about 7:30 (her bed time) and I enjoy the rest of a quiet relaxing evening hanging out with the Beautiful Bulldog. This year though we have been invited to share our celebration with my awesome cousin and his family! I’m not quite sure why they want me to sit around in my faded nightshirt watching movies at their New Years party but who am I to argue with family!

RIP Billy Taylor

From Billy Taylor’s website:

“Dr. Billy Taylor, a Jazz pianist, composer, educator and broadcaster who encompassed that rare combination of creativity, intelligence, vision, commitment and leadership, qualities that made him one of our most cherished national treasures, died in New York on December 28, 2010. He was 89 and lived in Riverdale, New York.”

RIP Mr Taylor.

Heard Of Must See TV? Well This Wasn’t It.

Brief show runs require brief summaries: seventeen One Season Wonder sitcoms summarized in 5 words or less.

  • Our Man Higgins (1962-1963) -Proto “Mr Belvidere”
  • I’m Dickens. He’s Fenster (1962-1963)- “Odd Couple” with construction workers.
  • The Baileys Of Balboa (1964-1965) – CBS answer to “Gilligan’s Island”
  • Mickey (1964-1965) – Cancelled by Samee Tong’s suicide.
  • No Time For Sergents (1964-1965) – Based on the movie
  • Wendy And Me (1964-1965) – George Burns riffs a housewife.
  • Karen (1964-1965) – Girl “Leave It To Beaver”
  • Tammy (1965-1966) – Loosely based on the movies
  • Gidget (1965-1966) – Sally Field: Surfer girl
  • My Mother The Car (1965-1966) – Freudian nightmare number 146
  • Captain Nice (1967) – Proto Greatest American Hero.
  • The Pruitts Of Southampton (1966-1967) – Riches to rags
  • The Ugliest Girl In Town (1968-1969) – Cross dressing love story.
  • Occasional Wife (1966-1967) – It featured a fire escape!
  • Love On A Rooftop (1968-1969) – Newlywed wackiness
  • He & She (1967-1968)- Writer, actor, & wife make comedy!
  • Good Morning World (1967-1968)- Proto WKRP

You can see full episodes of a lot of these on You Tube and all 30 episodes of “My Mother The Car” can be watched on Hulu. TV Guide voted it the second worst show ever made so every self respecting MSTie should tune in!

On a personal note, even though these are almost all before my time, I actually watched and liked both “Captain Nice” and “Gidget” in reruns. Also, I was watching the theme song video on my phone at work and two friends popped into the break room while it was playing. We formed a theme song singing lounge act that would put the Mandrell sisters to shame! Twas nice to finally check “shaming Mandrells” off my bucket list!

Will.I.Am Teaches Us About The Second Day Of Kwanzaa Plus Muppets!

Today is the second day of Kwanzaa and the principle we’re reflecting on is called Kujichagulia (koo-gee-cha-goo-LEE-ah) which has to be the best holiday word ever! It means self determination and the Beautiful Girl and I will celebrate by rocking out to this Will I Am song:

Ah Muppets, what *can’t* you teach us? I actually do listen to non-Muppet based music. In fact there are hardly any puppets in my CD/MP3 collection at all! I have no idea why, if left to my own devices, I will inevitably post a Muppet video here. Ah well, it doesn’t really matter why I suppose, Muppets are cool and that is that. But tomorrow I vow there shall be NO puppet videos on this blog! (It’ll be a cartoon instead.)

Happy Kwanzaa!

Happy Kwanzaa everyone! The week long celebration runs from December 26 to January 1 and each day symbolizes one of the principles of Kwanzaa. Today is Umoja which means unity. I chose a tune from the 1964 Larry Young album “Unity” mainly because it is called “Unity.” Also, “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise” has never swung so hard!

I will be celebrating this day of Umoja by shipping my daughter off to the sitter and working a long evening shift (boo). But here’s hoping everyone else gets to spend some time with the people they love.

Zat You Santa Claus?

Eat your heart out “Nightmare Before Christmas!” This spooky Christmas carol was written by Jack Fox and Louis recorded it in 1953. I couldn’t find much more info about it but it’s a great song!

I’m grateful to our internet mix masters for the fresh holiday music, and indeed all the fine tunes this year! I hope everyone who is celebrating is having a very Merry Christmas. And for those of you who aren’t, I hope you’re having a great weekend.

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