Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

This, dear friends, is a promotional video for the third season of the Norwegian television show “Gylne Tider” or “Golden Times” in English. In the show, a presenter, a cameraman, and a sound engineer travel to meet their heroes. The first two seasons they focused on Norwegian stars but in the third season they went international.

The song, of course, is the Beatles’ 1970 hit “Let It Be.” This particular version was recorded in 1987 to benefit victims of the Zeebrugge Ferry Disaster. A ferry called the MS Herald of Free Enterprise capsized on March 6, 1987 killing 193 passengers and crew. It was the worst peacetime maritime disaster in Britain since 1919. Here’s the original video:

Oh, and by the way, this wasn’t the only promo the “Gylne Tider” folks did.

I read a blog post by a guy who was super angry about this “embarrassing spectacle” but honestly, it was good to see some of those folks again and I bet it was kinda fun to do. I wonder if these viral gems will net those guys an American version of “Gylne Tider.”


Comments on: "Let It Be. Please. I Beg You." (1)

  1. Sorry folks, the video seems to have been taken off You Tube. I will keep checking back though and if I find another version I’ll repost it.

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