Wonderful Tunes Provided By Friends. Wild Tangents Provided By Me.

Turkey Lurkey Time!

“Turkey Lurkey Time” is from the Broadway play “Promises! Promises!” which was based on the 1960 film “The Apartment.” The songs were written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and Michael Bennett provided the choreography. The show ran for 4 years and it produced several hit songs including the title track, “I Say A Little Prayer,” and “A House Is Not A Home.”

The Black woman with the fabulous ‘fro is Barbara Alston who got her start singing with 60s girl group The Crystals. If you look carefully you’ll notice she appears to kick one of the other dancers around 1:41. The Asian woman is Baayork Lee who is currently working as a director and choreographer.  The lead dancer is Julane Stites who is also currently working as a choreographer and dance educator. A You Tube commenter says this performance is from the Ed Sullivan show in 1970. It seems perfectly plausible but I couldn’t confirm that.

We are gearing up for Christmas here at House Beautiful too. My daughter got her first present a week early. It’s a bright red Betta fish which she has named Daffodil. I tried to cover all the basics of fish care like cleaning and feeding and also the not-so-basics like “No, fish do not enjoy snuggling or Skittles®.” The Beautiful Girl has embraced her role as fish Mama with gusto! I only hope Daffodil is strong enough to survive that much love.


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