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Singin’ Bout The Rain

Isn’t this a lovely version of “Isn’t This A Lovely Day?” It’s an Irving Berlin song written for the 1935 Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire movie “Top Hat.” Mel Torme recorded it in 1946. This song often comes up on rainy days. It’s certainly one of my favorites.

Remember when I said love, loss, and bird flesh were the most important themes in music? You don’t? Well trust me I said it. Anyway I take it back! It’s love, loss, RAIN, then poultry. Need proof? Check out this or this or even this or this. Convinced yet? Okay then try this and this and this. I could go on all day, really. But I think the best song to describe the weather in LA right now is this one.

But if you don’t like that you can always try this. Oh wait, that’s another chicken one.

Hope it lets up soon California!


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  1. […] a new movement to make all future songs include some form of precipitation. This song is just more evidence that rain songs are ALWAYS brilliant!  Though, and not to cast any aspersions on the character of […]

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